Mint Nutrition Services—Tailored to Fit YOU

Our personalized, integrative, evidence-based approach to health and wellness is designed to meet you where you are while taking all aspects of your history into account. 


Through a combination of functional medicine, holistic nutrition, and highly specialized testing (think: genetics, hormones, micronutrients, the protein makeup of your body), as well as lifestyle interventions, we create personalized plans that help you find optimal body function, health, wellness, and performance. 




Through our personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans, we work to help you reduce chronic inflammation, increase overall health, and optimize your life to the fullest.

Weight Challenges

Without proper outside guidance, taking on weight challenges can feel isolating, frustrating, and futile. With Mint Nutrition, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs and address you and your goals from a holistic, science-based viewpoint. And because we believe in you, our personalized plans aim to inspire, empower, and give you agency within your own personal health journey.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Without targeted and specialized testing, nutritional assessments, and personal history taken into account, troubleshooting gastrointestinal issues can feel like entering a house of mirrors. Together, with your team of healthcare providers, we work closely with you to arrive at the potential root causes of your GI issues. From there, we come up with a holistic plan of care whose main goal is the optimization of your health.

Athletic Performance

From helping you access that extra 1% you need to be competitive as an elite athlete, to ensuring you feel your best across all your athletic pursuits and goals, our personalized nutrition plans and science-based approach aim to optimize athletic performance for athletes of all ages and abilities.



As a whole, health and wellness is about more than just the absence of disease or sub-optimal habits. It’s about how we experience every day, and embracing ourselves through science-based nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.


Some of the ways our Mint Nutrition team works closely with you to achieve cohesive, whole-body health and wellness include:

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Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Plans 

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Cooking Demonstrations

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One on One Coaching Sessions

Picking Fruits

Grocery Store Tours


Integrative & Functional Labs

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Lab Results Review

Ready To Get Started?

Because we’re dedicated to creating highly personalized programs that speak to you and your needs—whether you’re an athlete who wants help with performance nutrition, someone dealing with chronic issues, or an individual looking for a lifestyle change—every Mint Nutrition plan looks different.


In addition to utilizing the latest science and cutting-edge labs, we also collaborate with your medical providers. This allows for open communication and transparency among everyone involved, and helps us create tailored, holistic plans that empower you from every angle. To learn more, head over to our about page or book a free 15-minute consultation with us online now. We look forward to helping you feel your very best from the inside out.